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The Raid

On the 4th of May the trip begins in Paris at the Eiffel tower, original starting point for the Dakar Rally. From there 24 Super Ténéré bikes will be ridden in three stages from Paris to Lisbon, led by famous Yamaha adventure riders. In Lisbon we will select 5 Super Ténéré bikes to go in a caravan to Marakech to donate them to the riders for health organization

We’re calling it Ride for Life It’s a long-haul, continent-hopping adventure that will see five new Super Ténéré bikes go all the way from France to North Africa.

Ride for Life starts in Paris, on May 4th 2010 where Yamaha Dakar legends Stephane Peterhansel, Franco Picco and David Frétigné will kick off the ride. They’ll be taking the Super Ténéré squadron as far as Lisbon, Portugal. Then the five selected riders (out of >1.000 registrations) will take over!

Guided by Yamaha Dakar star Helder Rodrigues (4th in Dakar 2010), they be riding from the Portuguese capital down to the North African coast, and through Morocco – towards their final destination, the exotic and ancient city of Marrakech. Yamaha will then donate these 5 Super Ténéré bikes to the Riders for Health organization.

As a bike born on the Paris-Dakar rally – where previous Super Ténéré bikes won multiple titles during the 80s and 90s – it’s a chance for the new Super Ténéré to return to its roots.

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  1. Sergio Pueyo Juberías permalink
    April 19, 2010 7:43 pm

    Dear friends and bikers.
    Really good idea and best adventure!
    Congratulations to Yamaha, for the support done to Riders For Health and also for new Super Ténéré 1200 that for sure, I will buy ASAP.
    Was necesary to return to Africa Spirit & Solidarity, both with “S” as Super Ténéré.
    I would like to enjoy this travel, because seems amazing for riders, and best opportunity to
    test, the new Yamaha model, that returns, to Thierry Sabine Spirit , genesis of most famous rally of the world, created from, the first travel to Africa of T.S, that he did in 1977 year, riding a incredible Yamha XT 500 from Paris.
    Great Project!
    The work of Rider For Health organization, is amazing in Africa and all aid given, is not enought.
    Congratulations for it!
    Yamaha, Riders, Health and Africa.
    Is a pleasure that this travel cross my country, Spain.
    See you there!
    Good trip.

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